Data Management

Build a Data Management Platform with Intersys consultants for information that is complete, accurate and there when you need it

The demand for Big Data continues to grow at an enormous pace as customers want more information about the products they buy, and businesses examine how and why they’re shopping.

Add in additional regulatory requirements that dictate how data is managed, and you have many organizations looking for help as they develop their first data warehouse. Data warehouses have evolved to create actionable information that drives value through smart business decisions.

Ensure Data Integrity with Intersys

To be properly leveraged by data scientists, data must be complete, accurate, on time and there when you need it. Data integrity is crucial to driving business value.

Intersys has built high-performance, high-availability data warehouses serving thousands of users to meet these requirements. We can help you develop a data warehouse from the ground up to turn your organization into an information enriched environment that leverages data as a strategic asset.  Our Data Management services are further strengthened by a working partnership with RainStor, a leading database vendor that focuses on extreme compression of large data sets.

Our Data Management Services include:

  • Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Data Warehouse Assessment
  • Data Integration
  • Database Administration
  • Performance and Tuning
  • Upgrades and Conversions