Goal :

Create a server-less API that says “Hello Serverless” or “Hello , <YOUR-NAME>” and Host it for $0 for up to a million hits. Though this example doesn’t compute anything ,if you have a memory efficient algorithm in place and have a valuable dataset and your resultant payload from a Lambda execution is minimal, you can run the initial days of your startup for free !!!

Ingredients :

  • AWS Cloud
    • AWS API Gateway
    • AWS Lambda
  • Java

Prep Time :

~ 15 minutes

What we will build :

But a tweak is that you will be actually hosting the service to the world in under 15 minutes.

Visual Flow :

Logical Flow :

– Creating Lambda Function

  • Create a Lambda function in Java that takes in a NAME(String)and renders ****back with the following format.

– Creating API Gateway

  • Create an AWS APIGateway API and create a resource named ‘greetings
  • Create a GETmethod for the greetingsresource
  • Choose the integration type to a Lambda Functionand enable Proxy Integration
  • Assign the above created Lambda function and VIOLA!!!

Vlog :



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