Written by: Jason Grimm, Vice President and General Manager, Southwest

I have the pleasure of interacting with dozens of companies across a wide range of industries each month. As a life-long geek and early adopter of technology, I enjoy hearing about all of the new ways that a company intends to use technology to transform their business or disrupt their industry. Transforming the way a company or industry sells, markets and operates has never been more important. In fact, it should be top of mind for any CEO that intends to hang on to their job. It’s no longer good enough to do something well, because what works today will be outdated tomorrow. It’s true across any industry, and it’s only going to get more pronounced as the pace of change continues to increase.

So, what do all of these transformative ideas have in common? They all lead back to managing and using data better than the competition. Whether a transportation company is pondering internet-connected sensors in trucks, or a manufacturer wants to improve yield through predicting assembly line failures, or a retail firm wants to be aware of the social media buzz about their products, we are fundamentally talking about using Data as a competitive advantage.

The rise of mobile, social, IoT (Internet of Things) and other public data sources has created an immense amount of potential energy in every industry that most companies haven’t even begun to explore. The majority of my time is now spent talking with customers about how we can make data actionable through Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Data Science techniques. Unfortunately for my customers, it’s no longer enough to launch a project to better utilize data, it’s a new way of life, a part of the operations for any successful business of the future. Hence the rise of the Chief Data Officer, a title that hardly existed a few years ago.

Fortunately, there’s so much potential energy in underutilized data about customers, products, operations and more, that it’s very easy to help customers find quick wins, the low-hanging fruit of the data world. The key to using data as a disruptive force is in taking baby steps, iterative advances that quickly add up to big wins for Sales, Marketing and Operations departments. With a long-term vision of embracing data as a disruptive force, companies can create a culture of continuous transformation and extend their competitive lifespan. So go out there, reduce operational expenses, discover new sources of revenue, and stay ahead of your competition by tapping into the disruptive power of data. Your company’s longevity depends upon it!

About Jason Grimm: Jason Grimm is Vice President and General Manager for Intersys Consulting in Phoenix. Jason has nearly 15 years of IT consulting experience and leads the Intersys team in the sale and delivery of Big Data, Analytics and Application Development services in Phoenix. He earned his MBA from Temple University and BS from The University of Arizona.


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