Intersys recently launched a new capacity-based “managed service” offering around our traditional consulting areas: Data & Custom Development. We had a great opportunity to build an offering from the ground up and cater exactly to our customers’ needs. As a result, I’ve done a lot of thinking about why companies might be interested in a managed service offering and I’ve had the opportunity to validate these ideas with real customers. So I thought I’d share a list of some of the top ways companies can benefit from strategically augmenting their internal and contract workforce with a support service:


  • Get access to experts on-demand across much of your tech stack.
    • Most people within an IT department are supporting a number of different systems and applications, a scenario which doesn’t allow an engineer to be an expert in any one thing. Augmenting your internal IT department with a managed service team will give your team access to experts across a number of different technical areas.
  • Add technical expertise to your team at a fraction of the cost of adding headcount.
    • Need 10 hours a week of Elasticsearch support, 5 hours of Spark and 10 hours supporting a production JavaScript application? In most cases that means three different employees or contractors are needed, each with a decent amount of idle time. On the other hand, a managed service offering for 25hrs/wk would do the job and you’d have access to the Big Data, Search & App Dev experts to handle all three.
  • Refocus your team on strategic work and allow a managed service team to handle production support tasks (administration, break/fix, and enhancement).
    • Engineers attempting to tackle new project build work along with production support or operations will likely fail at both and become disgruntled in the process. A managed service offering can allow internal engineers to focus on the strategic and mission critical and hand-off operations / support tasks. You’ll get a better service level on both build and run efforts, and your employees will thank you for allowing them to focus.
  • Get outside technical expertise at a predictable and discounted monthly rate.
    • Because managed services are “subscription services”, they give both the provider and consumer of the service a very predictable monthly spend. Predictability allows customers to plan well in advance for budgeting purposes and it also allows service providers to discount their standard hourly rates in favor of long-term commitments.
  • Stop worrying about retaining niche talent.
    • Ever tried to retain employees with cutting-edge technical skill? It’s a difficult task because these people have constant opportunity being thrown at them. Using a managed service provider can help offload the burden of retaining talent with highly-valued skill.

From 13 years of IT consulting and now having had the opportunity to build and position capacity-based Managed Services, I’ve learned there’s a use case for a support service in virtually every IT organization. If you haven’t recently investigated a Managed Service offering from a services partner, it might be time to see how your organization can benefit from expert-level help on demand.

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