If you were one of the many SharePoint users that utilized InfoPath forms to enhance your SharePoint implementation, PowerApps may be in your future.

As we are all aware, the Microsoft InfoPath 2010 mainstream support ended in October of 2015 and Microsoft InfoPath 2013 mainstream support ends in 2021.

You now have the option to deliver the same great forms on a more robust platform – PowerApps.

PowerApps is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform used to build apps that can be deployed to SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Teams, Power BI or to mobile device.

When working with PowerApps and SharePoint, you have the option to either customize the forms for a SharePoint list or to create a standalone app utilizing SharePoint data. When customizing a SharePoint form, you can change the new, edit or view modes based upon context. The forms will inherit the same permissions as the SharePoint list. Creating a PowerApps canvas app allows an app to either run by itself or be embedded in a SharePoint page. Permissions for these apps are not tied to SharePoint and are managed from within PowerApps.

With PowerApps, you can now easily connect to another SharePoint site collection or even a different environment from the same form.

Many of the same common InfoPath form features can still be applied with PowerApps. For example, you can still hide, show or lock a field based upon its value, apply business logic and conditional formatting, implement role-based security, send emails, cascading dropdowns and even connect to Microsoft Flows to add a workflow.

Laura Rogers, IW Mentor of Collab365 has created a presentation that compares InfoPath functions and features side-by-side with PowerApps functions and features. You can view this presentation here.

Unfortunately, there is not currently a tool available to convert your existing InfoPath forms into PowerApps.  The forms must be manually recreated within PowerApps.  However, with the enhancements that PowerApps offers over InfoPath forms, it will be worth the work.




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