With its Central time zone, cultural closeness to the U.S., and highly skilled talent pool, the Intersys Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) allows you to capture new revenue streams by accelerating your product development & deployment time.

The Intersys MDC gives you access to world-class expertise conveniently located in the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Mexico. Guadalajara has been a technology hub for well over 35 years, hosting large populations of technology companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Oracle and many others, creating an IT outsourcing industry upwards of $12B per year (com).

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Accelerated Product Development, Enhancement and Deployment

To set yourself apart from the competition, you need to find a way to accelerate your product roadmap AND still deliver a quality product. The Intersys Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) provides just that. The MDC allows you to:

  • Engage a cohesive service, fully capable of complete product development or product enhancement
  • Stretch your capital further with world-class expertise at a lower cost than U.S. services
  • Increase product deployment velocity with a team that is ready to build or enhance your product on day-one

Favorable Time Zone

Many organizations that leverage off-shore resources often find that the approach eventually leads to challenges in collaboration, communication, and time-management. With the Intersys MDC, we’ve found solutions to these core challenges. At the Intersys MDC, you’ll gain a service team that is located in a Central time zone and also shares a close cultural affinity with this U.S. This means that when you engage the MDC you can expect:

  • Constant collaboration with core US business hours
  • The ability to visit the co-location without significant travel and expense costs
  • A team with a proven model for consistent progress, communication and delivery excellence
  • Access to skills needed for a specific project without having to hire a FTE
  • The Ability to ramp up teams quickly and effectively

MDC Feature Team Delivery Models

Just like our core U.S. locations, the Intersys MDC delivers a suite of offerings to guide you in your journey to data and digital renewal. These digital transformation themes include: Data, Analytics, Digital, Search, Agile, Cloud and Sourcing expertise.

You can engage with the Intersys MDC in three fundamental team delivery models:

U.S. Onsite Coordination, Nearshore Delivery

This model is the best of both worlds. You’ll gain strong onsite leadership in the U.S. and nearshore delivery coordinated by our onshore staff (PM, Scrum, Tech Lead, Architect, etc.)

Onsite and Nearshore Combined Team Delivery

In this model, we’ll create the best combination to leverage our team’s strengths and tech capabilities to the best possible value proposition.

Nearshore Delivery

PM, tech lead, project coordination and team nearshore, with same time zone, clear and defined communication plan that includes F2F time with your team onsite in the U.S. (Complete Feature teams are managed in Mexico.)

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