Brad Bouldin has over 23 years experience in developing software. Originally from Houston, Texas, he taught himself to program at the age of 9, and by 14 was employed by the largest computer distributor in the state. He has a liberal arts degree from Austin College and was an early adopter and evangelist of object-oriented languages, neural networks, and agile development methods, and the web. He continued his career consulting and implementing enterprise systems at Fortune 500s while at IBM for ten years, and later as an independent consultant. He has pursued an ongoing interest in Artificial Intelligence as a co-founder of the Cyc Foundation For Computable Common Sense and has worked with Doug Lenat at Cycorp, Inc., a company that has been continuously developing AI software for 30 years. In the last six years, he has spearheaded projects in machine learning techniques, big-data technologies, and built innovative web applications at Austin-based firms.