Bryce is a lead front-end developer with well-rounded skills in agile development, team player, and possesses a unique ability to communicate technically.

Tops Skills

  • Front-end Expert – From CSS to ES6 to Angular, he is an expert at leveraging front-end, technologies and leading teams that implement them to build out a quality product
  • UX Design – Taking a mobile-first approach to every situation, I am experienced in leveraging UX principles to take an idea and build a responsive web application
  • Scrum Master – As a developer, I have also worn the hat of Scrum Master, planning sprints and leading our team’s commitments to enable the

Posts by Bryce Oldham

Angular 8 – It’s all about Ivy

Angular 8 – It’s all about Ivy It’s June 2019 and here we are again talking about the latest update to Angular. Version 8, which was released in late May, has advanced past beta and is now fully released. Although a major version update, version 8 doesn’t contain too many changes from 7. The most …

NativeScript vs. React Native

I was recently contracted out by a Fortune 500 company to research the feasibility of implementing either React Native or NativeScript as a future mobile solution for a specific software product within the company. I spent over two months building a prototype application in each framework and documented every highlight, pain point and milestone along …

Angular 6: New Features Overview

As of early May, Angular 6 is here! The Angular team over at Google has really done a good job listening to feedback from the developer community over how they want to improve the framework from the ground up and with Angular 6 they continued in that same direction. There are several updates in the …