Camille joined Intersys Consulting in early 2016 as a consultant in the INGage program. Before that, she worked as an iOS and Windows Mobile Specialist for Dropbox where she enjoyed manipulating data and performing analytical work to improve the company’s operations. With three years of training in the tech and finance industries, she became passionate about solving problems, creating stories with numbers and bringing data to life with visualization tools. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Public Affairs from the University of California in Los Angeles and supplemented her education with courses in computer science and statistics. When she is not nerding out on numbers, she enjoys seeing the world, discovering exotic foods and gaining new perspectives.

Posts by Camille Benfredj

Women in Technology – Promoting a Gender Diverse Team

In light of the recent Women’s March and the impressive turnout Austin received, a debate has opened for women’s equality and their representation in the workplace. With Austin being one of the largest tech capitals of the U.S, one might wonder why women in the IT field are still harder to find than a bug …