Main expertise in data analysis using statistical and mathematical modeling. Eager learner and avid developer using the Python stack for web app development. Scala for big data enthusiastic.


Data analytics
Data and text mining, data exploring, graph analytics, statistics, stochastic calculus, time series analysis and forecasting, mathematical modeling, simulation and machine learning.
Software Development
Development of software artifacts that adhere to design specifications. Python, Scala, Scala, Scala, Scala
Financial analysis
Risk analysis and management, investments, portfolio management,

Financial derivatives, business administration, game theory, economics, financial reports and project evaluation.


Posts by Eduardo Castillo

Is Data Modeling Only About Modeling Data?

Velocity is a key factor in consulting and projects delivery. This is no different for data engineering/science projects. The urge to develop a “functional” product plus the creation of new tools such as Azure Machine Learning Studio have made it quite easy to create a model for data. With a “plug and play” framework you …