John is an experienced software engineer with time in positions ranging from help desk to implementation and account management to QA and development.

He is an expert QA Automation Developer knowledgeable in Design and development of automation testing frameworks
using C# or Java with Selenium, NUnit, Visual Studio Test, CodedUI. Mobile web and native automation using Xamarin UITest, Appium, and App Center.

As a developer, he has a deep understanding of Object-Oriented programming in Java and C#. Web and web API development using .net and .net core. iOS/Android mobile application development using Xamarin


Posts by John Stimbert

Regression Testing, Automated vs Manual

Regression Testing, Automated vs Manual   There are many misconceptions surrounding the interactions between the development, manual testing and automated testing groups including where automation resources fit into the development cycle and the timing surrounding completion of the deliverables they provide. Frequently the automation team is put into the same slots and their deliverables are …