Over 18 years of experience in the IT industry designing and delivering IT solutions on Real time architecture, messaging systems, Storms / Stream Processing, Micro Services, API Mgmt, Platform Architecture, SaaS, IaaS, Application Integration, Product Development & Support, Complex Event Processing, B2B, Business Process Management, Monitoring Intelligence, Operational Readiness, Reporting & Analytics, and Modern Applications. Industry solutions and strong domain expertise includes Energy, Telecom, Health Care, Finance, Logistics, Oil and Refinery. Technical expertise in Creating & Deploying large scale Cloud Server Platform, real-time integration interfaces design and development, Mentoring Developers, Worked with 20+ customers/partners in 3 different countries USA, UAE, and INDIA. Designed and Developed 8 Connectors for ERP / CRM / Billing / NoSQL Systems, and establishing practices in API Integration and real-time messaging for 2 small service companies.

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Implementing Cloud Microservices to Develop Highly Scalable Applications

What are Microservices? Before we can implement microservices in a cloud environment, we must understand what microservices are. A microservice is a software development technique using any programming language, built independently and run as a self-contained process to work with other microservices in a distributed environment that delivers unique granular level functionality. There are various …