The Need

Deeper, data-driven customer insights are critical to tackling challenges like improving customer conversion rates, personalizing campaigns to increase revenue, predicting and avoiding customer churn, and lowering customer acquisition costs.

Online companies want to find out what shoppers are doing on their sites – what pages they visit, where they linger, how long they stay, and when they leave.

Business Questions

  • What’s happening across the customer journey?
  • Which campaign is performing well?
  • Which product features drive adoption?
  • How can we acquire more customers at less cost?
  • How can we proactively address churn before customers leave?

The Big Data Solution

Intersys helps companies by taking unstructured clickstream data and blending it with both structured transactional data sitting in the enterprise’s ERP system and social media data to deliver a full 360-degree view of their customer.

This blended data allows companies to make better, targeted offers directly to their clients as they not only know what the customer bought in the past but also what the customer’s behavior pattern is as well as sentiment analysis from social media data.

Business Benefits

  • Increase customer conversion
  • Improve targeted marketing resulting in savings
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs
  • Increased revenue
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