The Customer Challenge

A large cable provider that offers high-speed internet, cable TV, and phone services to its subscribers throughout the country contacted Intersys about acquiring Agile/Scrum training. The company had several development teams utilizing various project methodologies. There were early adopters of the Scrum project methodology, some Kanban teams from Lean IT, and some that had no project methodologies. Intersys was requested to help implement a standard Scrum process that met the needs of each team and the organization.

The Intersys Solution

Intersys’ Application Services team engaged with each team to determine the best implementation of Scrum for each team, but still providing a standardize Scrum process so teams could report their status across projects. For team engagement, our Agile coaches worked with each team and designed a scrum process based on best practices for the team, using a crawl, walk, run approach. Each team had the opportunity to figure out the right elements of Scrum to get the best results while having the opportunity to consult with Agile experts to mitigate common mistakes removing wasted time and frustration. The goal of each team engagement was to have the team fully running by the end of the training, and capable of making improvements to the Scrum process as they saw fit. We also ensured each team had the right software to manage the Scrum process and capture requirements.


  • Improved team productivity for all teams.
  • In-depth, real-world training for Scrum/Agile process.
  • Implemented a customized and efficient Scrum process across diverse teams.
  • Prevented costly missteps when implementing Scrum.
  • Guided Scrum tooling decisions.
  • Provided Agile Coaching.
  • Detailed user story creation training.
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