The Customer Challenge

Based in Austin, Texas, ESO is a software as a service company that helps more than 13,000 emergency medical services, fire departments, and hospitals respond to emergencies and make their communities safer and healthier. Their suite of products support EMS and fire records management, hospital data exchange, healthcare billing, reporting packages, and advanced data analytics. The work done at ESO literally helps save lives.

One example of ESO’s profitable relationship with Intersys is highlighted by a recent project that targeted ESO’s fire market. The project started in mid-2017 when ESO acquired Firehouse, a software product for fire department record management.

This new acquisition presented ESO with a challenge: They needed to quickly accelerate their product roadmap in order to delight and retain the 11,000 new fire department clients who came with the deal. However, it was evident early on that ESO could not hire or organize fast enough to deliver all the new products and updates they needed in 2018.

The Intersys Solution

To meet this challenge, Intersys proposed that ESO engage with their near-shore delivery service in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Mexico Delivery Center (MDC). By leveraging the team in Guadalajara, Intersys was able to strategize what was needed for the new fire market, meet product development timeliness, as well as maximize ESO’s financial investment.


By leveraging Intersys MDC’s highly skilled product development team, ESO was able to:

  • Deliver all of their new fire products ahead of schedule and in budget
  • Save approximately 60% in engineering costs

For ESO, another important indicator of success on the project was the Intersys MDC’s positive attitude and distinct capability to work in a collaborative environment. Additionally, by learning how to manage the workflow between the ESO and MDC teams, ESO was able to improve their own internal distributed team processes.

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