The Customer Challenge

A multinational computer technology firm struggled with the amount of time it took to run financial forecasts of unit shipments. The forecasting process consisted of delivering extremely large statistical models to a broad group of individuals to manually adjust and tweak. The engine that was used to deliver the models was custom tailored to one specific data set. It took two team members over a day to run the statistical models and a total of seven weeks on average to complete the process. Since the processing engine was not extensible beyond one data set, the customer was incapable of executing true forecasting across multiple lines of business.

The Intersys Solution

As a leading Big Data services provider with deep Data Science expertise, Intersys’ Data Scientist worked closely with the client to implement a solution that replaced the client’s time consuming and innefficient method with a processing engine that provided speed and extensibility to other data sets not previously forecastable. The processing engine can now go directly from producing the models, to the data review and clean up all int he same day. In conjunction with the technology, Intersys’ Data Scientist worked closely with the client to overhaul the forecasting process providing a full circle solution.


• The Intersys solution and process decreased forecasting time by 57%
• The unique extensibility of the processing engine provides forecasts not previously accessible.
• Business managers are now armed with previously unavailable data allowing them to make more informed decisions.
• The solution and process enabled collaboration amongst lines of business that were previously siloed from each other.
• On-going modifications will ultimately decrease forecasting time by 90%

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