The Customer Challenge

A leading software company in the health data space, strives to always be innovating and delivering products that benefit the community health. Boasting a product suite that provides their healthcare customers with robust reporting capabilities, quality management, and clinical, operational tools that save time and improve the quality and accuracy of patient documentation, they wanted to do more.
The Company enlisted Intersys Big Data capabilities to enhance their most recent product. Historically, their applications gave their customers the ability to compare internal metrics over time but, lacked the functionality to compare their data with other entities within their service vertical. The new offering changes the playing field as a revolutionary product allowing healthcare providers to compare how they are doing against their peers. Additionally, the collected data allows for benchmarking that provides state and local governments with relevant data that has the potential to improve community health.

The Intersys Solution

The original on premise solution required the Company’s team to tear down and rebuild the data cube each day. This process will not suffice moving forward with product demand. A cloud solution is necessary for the product to scale and sustain as the leader in the marketplace. Intersys Big Data team implemented a Microsoft Azure and Hortonworks solution that provided a secure, HIPAA compliant and scalable data lake that integrates with the company’s current technology stack. The cloud solution results in increased profits, reduced operational costs and differentiation amongst competitors.


• Cloud solution is a differentiator amongst their competitors
• Reduced internal resources needed to leverage data
• On-demand, real-time reporting now available
• Enhanced reporting capabilities across all programs

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