The Customer Challenge

In early 2018, BigCommerce wanted to accelerate its product roadmap and increase revenue to stay ahead of its competition. Its plan to execute on this strategy involved tapping deeper into international markets as well as providing the option to accept different payment methods such as Chase Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. To accomplish this, BigCommerce needed to find a way to integrate these new payment service providers into its platform. BigCommerce quickly determined they required additional engineering resources to meet the company’s demanding internal timelines and stay ahead of its competition.

Matt Weiss, Director of Engineering at BigCommerce, understood early on how challenging it would be to meet BigCommerce’s goal from a technical perspective. “The hard part is there are just so many interlocking systems and so many different code bases which make the work very consuming. We knew this was a major area of growth for the company. It is also key to international expansion. If you want to be able to get into different markets, you need to be able to support the different payments gateways that people want to use,” said Matt.

The Intersys Solution

In order to solve the challenging payment integration project requirements, Matt and his team had a short timeline to partner with a consulting company to help them achieve their goals. In its search, BigCommerce reviewed Intersys’ Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) option. What made the MDC attractive to BigCommerce was its central time zone, cultural similarity to the U.S., and highly skilled talent pool.

To kick off the project, a team of six Intersys MDC developers was flown to BigCommerce’s downtown Austin office to better understand BigCommerce’s platform and the technologies involved. After two weeks of co-located training, BigCommerce felt confident a solid line of communication had been developed between the two teams. While in Austin, Intersys’ MDC engineers were able to complete a test run of an integration project and therefore BigCommerce felt the MDC team was technically equipped to complete the remaining work. Following the initial training, onboarding has become much easier. All 23 of the subsequently added MDC engineers have self-onboarded from Mexico since the first six were trained in Austin.


After their training was complete, BigCommerce assigned the MDC team its first project: Chase Pay integration. Chase Pay was an immensely large project with multiple moving parts. The MDC team was tasked to work on the Chase Pay wallet integration, while the BigCommerce team worked on Chase Integrated Payments (powered by WePay) and Chase Merchant Services integrations.

Matt said when they were close to launch, the two teams (MDC and the local Austin team) were able to combine their workstreams and complete the entirety of the project on time. “It ended up being an immense accomplishment. It was a tight timeline, but we delivered successfully”.

Due to the success of working with the MDC, BigCommerce was able to scale their integrations project much more quickly than they had initially planned.

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