The Customer Challenge

A leading multi-level marketing (MLM) company has experienced extreme growth since being founded in 2011.
The Company relies on a catalog of software as service vendors for business needs and has no internal servers or custom applications. A byproduct of this SaaS approach is that data disperses amongst various suppliers. To obtain a full view of the business and do necessary reporting, the Company must go to each vendor to request the information which adds up to substantial costs, inconsistent metrics, and lengthy reporting cycles using out of date data.
With their vision to be a leading edge MLM organization, this process is no longer acceptable. The Company needs a singular view of their data in a centralized location to leverage Data Science and Predictive analytics to empower their ambassadors to grow their businesses.

The Intersys Solution

Intersys’ Big Data team consolidated the data into an Azure HDInsight and SQL Server environment while preserving the raw data allowing for real-time analytics.
Sisense, a BI reporting tool sits on top of HDInsight to provide data visualization to C-Level, Sales & Marketing, and Operations. Now each department has access to all of the data in real-time through a secure environment, and predictive analytics can be applied.
The Company has moved forward from using historical data and intuition for decision-making to leveraging Data Science to make proactive, efficient and profitable decisions. Big Data, Data Science and Azure are foundational to change the game in the MLM industry.


• Consolidated data and data visualization allow for real-time analytics across the organization
• The ability to leverage Data Science positions the Company for continued rapid growth
• Azure HDInsight provides a scalable and secure solution
• Cost savings and increased efficiency

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