Join the Elastic User Group Meet Up! Intersys is proud to be this meeting’s host and sponsor.

Thanks for stopping by! This event has passed, but we’d love to tell you about some other great stuff we’re doing on our resources page.

Event Details

Join us for our next meetup on Tuesday, January 9th at Intersys’¬†Office located at the WeWork NoMad location.

In this session, we will speak about Custom interactive graphs and maps in Kibana

Kibana offers a good variety of standard charts to visualize Elasticsearch data, but in some cases, they are not enough to tell a complete story. Building and maintaining a custom Kibana plugin could take significant effort. The new Kibana Vega plugin is an attempt to address both concerns. It allows you to create any custom interactive data visualization using a declarative language called Vega, without the need to write Kibana integration code. The Vega plugin allows interactive graphs, maps, and multiple custom data sources and imagery. The graphs are context-aware, so they could be placed alongside other graphs on your dashboards.

The work is underway to integrate Vega plugin into the core Kibana.

== Example gallery

== Plugin home page

Yuri Astrakhan is a core engineer at Elastic. He has extensive experience in data visualization and cartography. Yuri is also one of the primary developers of the software powering Wikipedia (MediaWiki API, cartography, and data visualizations). Beyond the open source projects, Yuri has worked as a CTO of a quantitative hedge fund. In his free time, Yuri enjoys working with electronics, dancing, biking, and camping.


6:00 pm – Doors open. Food and beverages will be provided.

6:30 pm – Talks begin

8:30 pm – We’ll start to wrap things up

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