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Event Details

Moving to the cloud may seem simple but can prove to be a complex and costly endeavor. Many organizations are dissatisfied with their overall cloud experience. Are resources being properly utilized? Are architecture, design, and configuration optimized? Are cloud workloads deployed correctly? Are costs rising with no end in sight?

Whether you are considering migrating to the Cloud or are many years into your journey, there are likely areas within your cloud environment that can be optimized to improve your overall investment.

In this webinar, Intersys’ CTO, Roger Wahman will walk through defined tracks of evaluation that should be considered in order to maximize your cloud environment and get your organization on track toward successfully using its Cloud services for strategic advantage.

Planned Agenda

  • Spend Analysis
  • Resource Allocation
  • Compute Workloads
  • Storage/Data
  • Security and Risk
  • Automation
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