Azure Machine Learning Studio is a collaborative, visual workspace for developing and implementing machine learning models.  Machine learning (ML) enables you to answer business questions and make predictions quickly and easily.  Quick summary statistics and visualizations allow the user to quickly and effectively explore a dataset to determine the best avenue to answer a research question.  Numerous out-of-the-box ML algorithms make it fast and easy to evaluate the most productive method to get results.  Additionally, the visual interface enables users to effectively share their modeling technique in a way that clearly tells their story.  

In this webinar, we perform two demos to show off the capabilities of Azure ML Studio.  

  • The first demo is a live construction of a ML model showing how painless and intuitive the Azure ML Studio interface is.
  • The second demo will show off the versatility of Azure ML Studio including a comparison of various built-in machine learning algorithms, common data science methodology, and the flexibility to combine models with custom SQL, Python, and R scripts that make Azure ML Studio an incredibily powerful data science platform.   
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Download the full slide deck here

The detailed deck will walk you through all three of Daniel and Randi's demos

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