Somewhere across your enterprise, mounted to a rack deep in a datacenter, you might find a bright yellow, Swiss cheese-looking box with Google’s logo emblazoned on it. This is the Google Search Appliance, commonly referred to as the GSA. Look all you want, but don’t get too attached. Much like an actual block of Swiss cheese, the GSA’s expiration date is on the horizon. Google has already stopped selling new licenses for the appliance and is not extending license keys and support contracts beyond March 2019.

If you’ve got a GSA supporting some aspect of your business, you’re no doubt scrambling for a solution already. To help you out, and simultaneously confound you, more than a dozen competing options for GSA replacement have sprung into existence, along with an even larger number VAR’s pushing one of those solutions or another.

Unfortunately, the options for GSA replacement are not all created equal, and there isn’t a “best” option that we can simply recommend to everyone. Even if the GSA were still a viable option, it probably isn’t the best option for your application if you were constructing that solution today. With a proper assessment of your current and future needs, you can use this as an opportunity to either upgrade your enterprise search capabilities or save some money in providing the same capabilities — possibly both.

Lend us an hour of your time, and we’ll walk you through some of the concepts, capabilities, and technologies that you need to consider to exercise due diligence in finding a viable long-term solution for replacing your Google Search Appliance.

  • Data source support
  • User experience
  • Search functionality (relevance, filtering/faceting, highlighting, text parsing, personalization, etc…)
  • Security and Supportability
  • Scalability, Performance, and Flexibility
  • TCO
  • Technologies to look for and to avoid.
  • Prioritizing and balancing all of the above with specific needs
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