The Need

IoT involves internet connected devices managed by hardware sensors. These sensors send machine generated data around device usage, sounds, vibrations, temperature, pressure, movements, etc. This machine made time series data is unstructured data that can be structured and then put into Hadoop and analyzed for various business analytics such as, predicting next device failure, a need for next preventive maintenance before failure, improving the efficiency of devices, and more.

Business Questions

• Can outages on connected device data be predicted?
• How can the need for production maintenance
be predicted before problems actually occur?
• Are there buggy areas of code? Where?
• What patterns and trends can be seen in connected home sensor data?
• Are certain manufactured parts failing faster than others based on usage?

The Big Data Solution

Intersys helps customers by designing and building data lake solutions that can store time series data. Required associations and relations can be created with traditional relational data sitting in a client’s ERP system to offer new products and services. Intersys Data Scientists can also develop predictive analytic models that impact the business.

Business Benefits

• Reduction in network failure
• Decreased IT costs
• Capital expenditure savings with targeted
• Reduced product failure rates

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