The Need

Large organizations with sophisticated information security architectures as well as security vendors are looking for more efficient ways to store and analyze petabytes of financial transactions, log file, and network traffic to identify anomalies and suspicious activities to correlate multiple sources of information into a coherent view.

Business Questions

• Are unauthorized data access attempts an occurrence?
• Where do the hack attempts originate?
• What customer behavior signals potential fraud?
• Is this customer or prospect too high risk to service?
• How can customer risk be assessed?

The Big Data Solution

Intersys helps organizations by optimizing their solution from a traditional relational database to a Hadoop ecosystem. A Hadoop ecosystem is a superior option for storing and analyzing massive amounts of data for security, risk and compliance reporting and analytics.

Business Benefits

• Identify and prevent potential credit card fraud
• Avoid the costly impact of data breach
• Predict security threats within seconds instead of weeks
• Lower the OpEx and CapEx associated with fraud detection and prevention

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