The Need

Today’s business decision-makers can’t afford delays in insights anymore. Any company, hoping to boost the efficiency of its enterprise data warehouse, will look into migrating infrequently accessed or aged data from data warehouse to more cost effective Hadoop platform. Many companies are also off-loading expensive analytics and pricey data preparation to a lower-cost Hadoop-based solution.

Business Questions

• How can we lower the cost of data preparation and cleansing?
• Can we do cost-effective analytics on large volumes of data?
• How can we streamline our analytic process flows to deliver insights faster?
• How can I lower the cost of expensive analytics?
• Can we support new data types and unstructured data?

The Big Data Solution

Intersys Big Data team can help customers determine what data is better suited for a lower-cost computing platform.
Big Data can also be used to set up a data lake for an organization’s various needs like data discovery to generate insights, determine what data moves to the data warehouse and offload heavy data processing to reduce total cost of ownership.

Business Benefits

• The ability to analyze more data, faster
• Dramatically lowers the cost per terabyte to store data
• Store more information across Hadoop cluster while keeping costs lower
• Fast response to government and regulatory requests for data
• TCO reduction
• Commodity hardware and software is used for archived data, lowering infrastructure costs and archives can be compressed by up to 90%

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