Data is the raw material that powers modern organizations. Creating massive volumes of data is easy. However, consuming, storing, organizing and governing this data is more challenging than ever.

Intersys can help you define your data strategy, architect and build your data solution or simply enhance your implementation process. Whether you need to modernize your data architecture, ingest and store massive quantities of data, enable data streaming use cases, implement MDM and Governance, or migrate and transform your data, Intersys can ease your journey.

The knowledge and experience Intersys brings to engagements will accelerate and improve the return on your data investments and ensure that your organization has the foundation for leveraging data as a competitive advantage.

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Data Offerings

Big Data Storage and Compute

Data Ingestion Services

Data Lake and Data Warehousing

Migration, Integration, and Virtualization

Master Data Management

Data Governance/Quality


Today’s economy is dominated by companies leveraging data for a competitive advantage. In fact, the inability to utilize available data can be the difference between an organization’s success and failure.

Data alone provides little value to businesses without effective tools and processes for answering questions, uncovering patterns, and making predictions.

Intersys has a passion for transforming data into insights. From business intelligence to visual analytics, machine learning, and data science, Intersys has the talent and experience needed to ensure that insights from your data investments are realized.


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Analytics Offerings

Data Science and Modeling

Machine / Cognitive Learning

Visual Analytics

Business Intelligence


Far more than just modernization of manual processes, Digital Transformation is an inherent creativity and ingenuity that has enabled today’s accelerated pace of innovation.

Although recognized widely for its importance, Digital Innovation has challenged IT departments because the skills required are far beyond just technical proficiency.

Intersys has a strong record of driving innovation through digital transformation. Whether you are in need of modern web development, native or hybrid mobile solutions, back-end application development, or services and integration, Intersys has the tools, best practices, insight, and creativity to help you succeed.

Digital Offerings

Responsive Web Development

Native/Hybrid Mobile Solutions


eCommerce Services

Services and APIs

Full-stack development

Application Integration

Product Engineering

Our Flexible Engagement Model



The typical method for analyzing enterprise data has been to build a data warehouse and structure the content for reporting and ad-hoc query analysis. This approach can prove challenging when facing massive volumes, machine-generated data, or unstructured data. These types of data must be readily accessible to provide value.

That’s where the power of Enterprise Search excels. It provides the ability to index content and deliver the most relevant information to the people who need it. Enterprise Search works seamlessly with Big Data technologies to ingest and index content at scale.

Intersys’ experts have experience with Enterprise Search, Ranking and Relevancy, Natural Language Processing, custom and packaged connectors and operational and security monitoring.

Whether you’re replacing Google Search Appliance, enabling search across your big data ecosystem, or implementing a log mining solution, search no further – you’ve found the relevant partner.

Search Offerings

Enterprise Search


Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Packaged Connectors

Operations and Security Monitoring


Iterative, incremental and evolutionary are the hallmarks of Agile software development. Since their inception, Agile software development methods have become the industry standard, providing software development teams the collaboration, interaction and adaptability to deliver higher quality solutions in shorter timeframes than ever before.

Intersys’ Agile capabilities include Agile Transformation, Scrum Coaching, Continuous Integration/Delivery, Microservices, QA Automation, Code Generation and DevOps Transformation.

Whether your software development teams are Agile experts in need of a tune-up, or just starting to consider the first step toward Agile software development methods, Intersys can guide your entire journey or assist in climbing the next maturity step. Our partnered approach is inclusive of your development teams, leaving them better equipped to deliver high-quality software even beyond engagement’s end.

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Agile Offerings

Transformation and Coaching

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery


QA Automation

Code Generation


Cloud solutions benefit from agility, scalability, performance, and reliability beyond what most companies can achieve with applications and platforms in their own data centers. Intersys often recommends a cloud-first mentality with new initiatives to simplify and streamline development efforts.

Cloud providers have moved well beyond their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) beginnings into a variety of Platform as a Service (Paas) and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings that are increasingly prevalent in all types of industries and companies.

Intersys can assist in your Cloud journey through cloud strategy creation, unbiased platform evaluation and selection, implementation of cloud-based or hybrid solutions, migration of on-premises solutions to the cloud, and resource and service optimization.

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Cloud Offerings

Platform Selection

Implementation and Migration

Resource and Service Optimization

Hybrid Solutions

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