Iterative, incremental and evolutionary are the hallmarks of Agile software development. Since their inception, Agile software development methods have become the industry standard, providing software development teams the collaboration, interaction and adaptability to deliver higher quality solutions in shorter timeframes than ever before.

Intersys’ Agile capabilities include Agile Transformation, Scrum Coaching, Continuous Integration/Delivery, Microservices, QA Automation, Code Generation and DevOps Transformation.

Whether your software development teams are Agile experts in need of a tune-up, or just starting to consider the first step toward Agile software development methods, Intersys can guide your entire journey or assist in climbing the next maturity step. Our partnered approach is inclusive of your development teams, leaving them better equipped to deliver high-quality software even beyond engagement’s end.

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Agile Offerings

Transformation and Coaching

Agile software delivery has been around for a while and is here to stay, but many organizations struggle with the process of transforming to delivering in an iterative manner. Transformation is never easy and often requires coaching and support along the way. Intersys offers our customers support towards an Agile delivery through customized quick starts, embedded agile project leadership, software tools selection and template creation, and ongoing coaching services.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Speed to market is kind in many software builds in our modern world. The need to seamlessly work within a development team to build software that is released each day is the ideal.  Intersys supports enterprises in the automation, tools, and quality to enable a fully integrated, high-quality development, build and deploy process.


As enterprises strive to lighten their technical debt, drive towards faster solutions and enable reuse, the need to create modular components and services rapidly increases. Intersys leverages microservices to give customers highly leverageable discreet services to satisfy business objectives.

QA Automation

As the concepts of quality and testing evolve in technology, so have the expectations on the makeup of the talent. Gone are the days of manually testing applications, and the tools for automating quality have evolved massively.  Intersys brings a blend of cutting edge tools and sophisticated development engineering talent to drive modern quality solutions.

Code Generation

Why write something over and over, if we can make an app that will write it over and over? Intersys has vast experience leveraging code generation to automate repetitive development needs including enterprise API development, Streaming services, and other custom development solutions.

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