Today’s economy is dominated by companies leveraging data for a competitive advantage. In fact, the inability to utilize available data can be the difference between an organization’s success and failure.

Data alone provides little value to businesses without effective tools and processes for answering questions, uncovering patterns, and making predictions.

Intersys has a passion for transforming data into insights. From business intelligence to visual analytics, machine learning, and data science, Intersys has the talent and experience needed to ensure that insights from your data investments are realized. So throw away the status quo and let Intersys help your organization become a data-driven success story.

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Analytics Offerings

Data Science and Modeling

Our Data Science team will help your organization not only better understand customer behaviors, but begin to predict outcomes. We’ll apply streaming analytics where appropriate to make recommendations in real-time that can improve those outcomes or prevent unwanted actions. Whether personalizing offers, preventing fraud, or optimizing manufacturing yield, our data science team will bring meaningful analytics that can scale.

Machine / Cognitive Learning

Some Data can be overwhelming and too complex for even the most seasoned Data Scientist. In these scenarios, Machine Learning algorithms can “think” like a person to learn from data and predict outcomes. Intersys has experience across a wide range of machine learning platforms including Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Amazon Machine Learning, scikit-learn, R, MATLAB, Splunk and many others. When traditional programming has reached its limits, Intersys can help your organization improve outcomes through Machine Learning.

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Visual Analytics

A picture is worth a thousand words – or millions or even billions. Visual Analytics is the use of visual representations to understand abstract data through speed of comprehension and understanding. Common visual analytics techniques include Treemaps, Heat Maps, and Graph Drawing.

If your organization needs help getting to the right answer faster though visualization of complex and voluminous data, our experts are ready to help.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence platforms are continuously improving allowing BI professionals and end users to create sophisticated reports, dashboards, and ad-hoc analytics through increasingly intuitive interfaces. Intersys has over 20 years of experience in the business intelligence field across dozens of different platforms. Our BI Architects, designers and developers can quickly interpret business need and create BI solutions that provide the data that decision makers need.

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