Moving to the cloud may seem simple but can prove to be a complex and costly endeavor. Many organizations are dissatisfied with their overall cloud experience. Are resources being properly utilized? Are architecture, design, and configuration optimized? Are cloud workloads deployed correctly? Are costs rising with no end in sight?

Whether you are considering migrating to the Cloud or are many years into your journey, the Intersys Cloud Resource Optimization (CRO) Assessment will provide you with the plan you need to get the maximum benefit from your Cloud services.

The Intersys CRO Assessment will:

  • Define or clarify strategic objectives
  • Capture the future state vision
  • Capture an accurate picture of where your organization stands
  • Create, enhance, or adjust the implementation roadmap to steer you in the right direction
  • Provide standardized scoring across multiple tracks to understand what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement
  • Help get your organization back on track toward successfully using its technology for strategic advantage

Assessing Your Cloud Environment

Intersys will work with your organization to measure the current state of your Cloud environment with defined tracks of evaluation and recommendations to improve your investment.

Spend Analysis

Review and analyze the overall cost of your Cloud environment to understand pain points and look for areas that need attention. We will provide a projected spend for comparison based on the recommendations made in other areas of the assessment.

Resource Allocation

Review what resources are deployed and where are they living in the environment. How many VMs? How many IP addresses? How many data bases? What is going on in the services? Are there under or over utilized instance types or resources sitting idle? Is there anything that may be orphaned, running slow, or a bad fit?

Compute Workloads

It is critical to use to right resources for your compute jobs. Are you using the correct services? Do you need to rethink what you're using? Is there an advantage to moving legacy jobs to new or different services?


Data should be readily accessible as needed but also stored in the most cost-effective way that will still meet those requirements. Is there an archiving and retention strategy? Can data be stored in less expensive ways? Is there a data lifecycle in place?

Security and Risk

Look for areas where data may be at risk and provide mitigation strategies to help minimize or eliminate this risk. Assess the environment for security standards and best practices.


Assess the application of DevOps (Infrastructure as Code) concepts in the cloud environment. Are there manual processes that are causing speed, quality, or cost concerns? Are there opportunities to improve through the use of automation?

Cloud Resource Optimization Timeline


1-2 Weeks
  • Gather and review information across the assessment framework
  • Focus on areas that have specific solution requirements


3-4 Weeks
  • Deep-dive analysis into each of the assessment areas
  • Provide recommendations that will help reduce cost and maximize resources


1 Week
  • Complete final documentation
  • Review assessment deliverables and recommendations
  • Come to a consensus agreement


  • Detailed Assessment and Recommendations
  • Solution Architecture – Future state of Cloud resources and configuration
  • Assessment Action Plan – Your Cloud journey roadmap and how to move forward
  • Assessment Presentation – Executive summary of the findings and recommendations

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