Continuous Analytics Overview

In today’s business environment, having a data-driven strategy is necessary in order to stay competitive. Although most companies take this approach, many struggle to acquire the time and resources necessary to truly analyze and take action on the vast amount of data at their fingertips. Fast data is becoming the new standard. With Intersys’ Continuous Analytics framework, we solve this problem by automating many of the mundane tasks involved in data ingestion and transformation. This enables your organization to quickly gain valuable insights and competitive advantage from your data.

Continuous Analytics is implemented in 3 core stages: Automation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Data Automation (Reduce Your Time to Insight)

Businesses today gather large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, in an effort to use that data to discover real-time or near real-time insights that inform decision making and support digital transformation. However, gathering data from multiple sources and in different forms for business use cases presents a variety of challenges. These challenges can include: source data discovery, multiple source ingestion, managing streaming/real-time data, speed of ingestion, and change detection.

With the Continuous Analytics Solution, our consultants will develop connectors, APIs, and services to discover your data sources and automatically pull data into a data lake for further analysis.

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Machine Learning (Distribute Your Data Science)

Once you have your data ingestion processes humming, it’s time to start analysis at scale. For this to occur, you don’t need to hire a huge team of data scientists. Instead, you can take advantage of recent developments in machine learning.

Machine learning is a type of data analysis where analytical model building is automated. Algorithms are designed to build models with the purpose of uncovering connections or patterns that organizations can use to make better decisions without human intervention. Although machine learning algorithms have been around for a long time, the ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to big data is a recent development.

With Intersys’ Continuous Analytics framework, our highly skilled consultants will design and build analytical models to extract valuable insights from your data. These models can be designed to perform various different tasks such as predictive analytics, recommendation engine queries, fraud detection or anomaly detection.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

After your machine learning algorithms are designed and actively analyzing your data, our consultants will deploy Artificial Intelligence technology to better understand how to serve you insights faster and with better accuracy.

With Intersys’ Continuous Analytics framework, our highly skilled consultants can design and deploy real world AI applications to solve a variety of problems. Some of the AI projects can include developing AI chatbots for business, usability testing powered by cognitive models, and natural language processing platforms.

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