Data is the raw material that powers modern organizations. Creating massive volumes of data is easy. However, consuming, storing, organizing and governing this data is more challenging than ever.

Intersys can help you define your data strategy, architect and build your data solution or simply enhance your implementation process. Whether you need to modernize your data architecture, ingest and store massive quantities of data, enable data streaming use cases, implement MDM and Governance, or migrate and transform your data, Intersys can ease your journey.

The knowledge and experience Intersys brings to engagements will accelerate and improve the return on your data investments and ensure that your organization has the foundation for leveraging data as a competitive advantage.

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Data Offerings

Big Data Storage and Compute

The separation of Big Data Storage and Compute allows for better workload scalability, simplified planning, less data redundancy, and fewer wasted resources. Intersys has experience architecting, implementing, and performance tuning Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid Big Data solutions. Allow us to save you time and money by bringing our experience and learned industry lessons to each of our engagements.

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Data Ingestion Services

The Big Data ecosystem provides many different options for the ingestion of batch and streaming data: Spark, Storm, Kafka, Kinesis, Sqoop, Flume, Logstash, Beats – the list goes on. Intersys can recommend the best data ingestion technology for your requirements or build data ingestion pipelines that enable access to the essential data your business needs.

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Data Lake and Data Warehousing

Centralizing your data in a data lake or data warehouse can give your data consumers a single location for all their data needs. Also, your Data Science and Analytics professionals will have access to the raw data they require for modeling and predictions. Intersys has been designing and building relational Data Warehouses for over 20 years, and we’ve been leaders in implementing Data Lakes in our customers’ Big Data environments.

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Migration, Integration, and Virtualization

ETL/ELT tools such as Informatica, DataStage, and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) remain core data migration and integration tools within the enterprise. Intersys has over two decades of experience in data migration and systems integration utilizing a broad range of tools and technologies. Allow us to simplify your integration and migration projects by bringing the expertise needed to get your data done right.

Master Data Management

Your organization needs a single enterprise-wide view of your customers, accounts or products. Where can you find this data and how can it be used? Master Data Management tools can simplify complex data environments by reducing redundancy, eliminating incorrect data and standardizing data. Let Intersys be your trusted partner in collecting, matching, consolidating, cleansing and distributing data through a Master Data Management solution.

Data Governance/Quality

Data-driven decision making requires trust. Data Governance encompasses the people, processes, and technology required to ensure data quality and integrity to build this trust. Intersys has a track record of helping organizations successfully and efficiently implement Data Governance and Data Quality practices. If your current Governance processes are broken, bureaucratic or non-existent, Intersys can help find the right balance of control without red-tape.

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