Far more than just modernization of manual processes, Digital Transformation is an inherent creativity and ingenuity that has enabled today’s accelerated pace of innovation.

Although recognized widely for its importance, Digital Innovation has challenged IT departments because the skills required are far beyond just technical proficiency.

Intersys has a strong record of driving innovation through digital transformation. Whether you are in need of modern web development, native or hybrid mobile solutions, back-end application development, or services and integration, Intersys has the tools, best practices, insight, and creativity to help you succeed.

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Digital Offerings

Responsive Web Development

Whether applications serve internal or external customers, it should provide a seamless and intuitive experience that not only enables success for the user but drives behavior and predicts what the user needs.  Intersys enables its clients to put the power in the hands of the user.

Native / Hybrid Mobile Solutions

People today never want to be separated from their applications, data and social networks and the ability to leverage mobile solutions is the key. The approach to mobile has matured and evolved as devices, and underlying technology has enabled massive innovation.  Intersys can drive solutions from embedded mobile solutions to seamlessly integrated hybrid applications.


Successful interaction with customers is all about creating an application that with the user in mind. Throughout the design and development, we are fanatical about putting the end user first and developing capabilities that are intuitive. Intersys walks together with our customers through this journey while developing highly effective experiences.

eCommerce Services

Commerce continues to shift with the continued disruption of new app based business models, broader expansion of large eCommerce engines and heavy change in the power and ease a consumer can navigate. Intersys specializes in bringing customized commerce solutions to its clients that leverage predictive modeling, advanced search ranking and sorting, and cutting edge web technologies that are best of breed.

Services and APIs

As enterprises continue to expand their application infrastructure and leverage data well beyond ever before, the technical complexity and codependency of applications becomes more difficult. Intersys enables our customers to componentize their assets and decouple systems to provide flexibility and nimbleness. This agility enables our customers to more rapidly innovate, update and deploy applications while maintaining consistency across their overall environment.

Full-Stack Development

With the customer ever present in a technologist’s mind, the need to create custom solutions continues to increase. Applications with the ability to leverage an enterprise’s data assets to drive insights and action are critical to a company’s competitive ability in the market. Intersys leverages modern development frameworks and languages to enable end to end customer solutions for our clients through new application builds or enhancements to existing applications.

Application Integration

The need to orchestrate the messaging and sharing of information across the organization greatens as applications are continually modernized across the enterprise. Our depth in integration services supports our customers from investigating industry tools, developing messaging architecture and implementing end to end solutions.

Product Engineering

The process of developing IT systems vs. developing software products was often a different approach in the recent past. The rigor and vision put into software products often weren’t repeated for internal IT systems.

Recently, the technology industry has learned from the product world and began treating all software assets as products. Our depth in SaaS product development gives us the expertise and know how to leverage learned best practices and principals in our software engineering services.

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