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SKYE Enterprise Search Platform

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Data Pipeline

Our data pipeline is built on Open Source tools and allows data enrichment processes to be added as necessary such as calculation and aggregation, match and merge, data masking, and even statistical models such as sentiment analysis. Our mission is to provide a centralized platform build around Elasticsearch that can be used by both technical and business search administrators to provide a rich and valuable search experience.

Front Ends

SKYE Search Front Ends allow the grouping of data sources into custom collections with unique properties specific to a search audience. Data sources can be reused across multiple front ends to provide logical views or collections of the data sources.


SKYE Search dashboard provides visual representation in your search application using Kibana and can be modified or enhanced according to reporting and visualization needs.


Key deployment accelerators reduce deployment time by up to 50%


Integrated Security, UI/UX components, data connectors, and next-gen features enable and complement the best of the Elastic stack.


Component focused, microservices-based, and cloud-friendly - SKYE scales with your environments and needs.

SKYE Architecture

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